Thursday, July 9, 2009

self-portrait july 2009


i really forgot how good this show is:


sometimes i really miss smoking pot. i mean grass. i mean reefer. mmmmmm....

more things i like

1. giant t-shirts
2. sexy album covers
3. subtitles
4. ricardo montalban (A LOT)
5. the golden girls
6. local tv ads
7. stargazer lilies
8. vegetable gardens
9. making kombucha at home
10. crafts
11. writing thank you notes
12. movie soundtracks on cassette
13. neon park
14. frisbee
15. cold beer by the pool on a hot, hot day (like, too bad)
16. vincent price
17. stargazing
18. marcel proust
19. homemade guacamole
20. good coffee

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

hey celebrity dorks

hey celebrity dorks: if you hate the paparazzi so much, stop funding their paychecks by actually buying celebrity tabloids. at least, if you want to find out what they're saying about you, read them in line at the supermarket like everybody else - don't buy them! dorks.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

glamour shots

'blind date' really is an awesome show

so is 'elimidate' by the way...

is this real?


all fuckers putting every michael jackson album up on ebay for like, hundreds of dollars (and i mean every album that you can find at a thrift store for one dollar) just because he is dead can eat my asshole.